Steve Obermayer, President BBL Hospitality“BBL has always built hotels and we’ve owned our own hotels since 2000. We’ve continually followed our customers’ needs and expanded our expertise and specialty in hospitality development and operations.”

Steve Obermayer, President BBL Hospitality

About Us

BBL Hospitality is a full-service hotel management company offering hotel owners and developers a single, high-quality source for construction, financing, and management services. We are also the owners of multiple restaurants and 12 top-quality hotels in New York, New Jersey, West Virginia, and Florida. We are continually expanding our own portfolio.

About BBL Hospitality

Our Vision

BBL Hospitality’s continuing vision is to provide great value by hiring the best people and working with the best partners. We are committed to delivering world-class service—for our hotel guests, our management clients, and our partners. We will continue to enhance the range of services we offer. We will continue to hire, train, and promote dedicated, knowledgeable people at every level of the enterprise and support them with the best capital, systems, and management resources.

Our Experience and Portfolio

BBL Hospitality is a hotel and restaurant management company that develops, owns and operates facilities along the east coast of the United States. Over the past several decades, BBL Hospitality and its affiliates have constructed more than 40 hotels totaling over 3 million square feet of hotel space and over 5,330 rooms. We currently manage 11 hotels and 12 restaurants of our own, with more under development.