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Sales & Marketing

BBL Hospitality offers a comprehensive sales plan customized to each property’s unique market. Beginning with a full market analysis, a strategic plan is developed to ensure the team is focused on capturing the mix of business that will result in achievement of the hotel’s revpar goals.

Sales deliverables include:

  • Sales Property Visits. A sales property visit is provide complete with monthly action plans.
  • Monthly Sales Productivity Reports. Monthly reports spur productivity improvements for the sales team.
  • Auditing Brand Tools and Standards (including ecommerce Websites). Compliance with all required brand standards as well as maximizing opportunity through brand tools.
  • Weekly Yield Management Meetings. Weekly review of demand, pricing and strategies for the next 90 days. Revenue Management support eliminates missed opportunities.
  • Quarterly DOS Meetings/Trainings. Quarterly meetings keep the team current with industry trends and brand updates.
  • Ecommerce. Continuous evaluation of hotel performance via third-party distribution channels.
  • Monthly Forecasting. Monthly 90-day forecasts are provided to keep the focus on bottom-line results.

Hands-On, Strategic Sales Planning

BBL provides a comprehensive suite of sales support. Whether through on-site property visits or weekly calls, BBL is committed to growing sales and helping your hotel achieve its RevPAR goals.